Sunday, January 31, 2010

i heart poetry,

Whenever I'm sick or bored, I love reading poetry.
A few years ago, I was given A light in the attic, by Shel Silverstein.
The book is full of cute poems for children, but reading them still makes me smile,
hopefully it will do the same for you. =).
Here are a few of my favorites:

Here comes
Here comes summer,
Here comes summer,
Chirping robin, budding rose.
Here comes summer,
Here comes summer,
Gentle showers, summer clothes.
Here comes summer,
Here comes summer-
Whoosh- shiver- there it goes.

Bear in there
There's a Polar Bear
In our Frigidaire-
He likes it 'cause it's cold in there.
With his seat in the meat
And his face in the fish
And his big hairy paws
In the buttery dish,
He's nibbling the noodles,
He's munching the rice,
He's slurping the soda,
He's licking the ice.
And he lets our a roar
If you open the door.
And gives me a scare
To know he's in there-
That Polary Bear
In our Fridgitydaire.

Eight Balloons

Eight Balloons no one was buyin'
All broke loose one afternoon.
Eight balloons with strings a-flyin',
Free to do what they wanted to.
One flew up to touch the sun- POP!
One thought highways might be fun- POP!
One took a nap in a cactus pile- POP!
One stayed to play with a careless child- POP!
One tried to taste some bacon fryin'- POP!
One fell in love with a porcupine- POP!
One looked close in a crocodile's mouth- POP!
One sat around 'til his air ran out- Whoosh!
Eight balloons no one was buyin' -
They broke loose and away they flew,
Free to float and free to fly
And free to pop where they wanted to.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

homecoming loveliness

homecoming 2010!
Senior Recognition.

Haley Marie Boggs, Leah Meagan Scott, Kayla Jean Frady, James David Kring, and me =).

Victoria and Me!
Victoria is in junior high, but she is one of the sweetest girls I know!
She has this amazing concern for others, and her testimony far surpasses
the average young christian girl. She is such an encouragement to me!

Waiting with my sweetpea for the program to start.
He was so incredibly sweet to ease my nerves!
So supportive and dollish as always <3.

Haley's little sister, natalie, and me.
Natalie and I share the same middle name, Elise!
to me, natalie looks like a mini version of haley =).

best friends!
These girls mean the WORLD to me.
They are such dependable, honest, sweet girls, I couldn't ask for better friends to share my senior year with!

all the senior ladies
haley, me, kayla, and leah

class of 2010!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

discoveries of the week.

1. my crocs are my new best friends.
2. no matter how hard you try, you canNOT change people. period.
3. macbeth is addicting.
4. giving a speech is absolutely terrifying, but it leaves the most amazing sense of satisfaction when it's over.
5. check lists are profitable.
6. wishing life away, or worrying life away, does NO good.
7. I'm sucha bachelor addict. .
8. a quick bible verse can do so much inspiring!
9. even though mall cop looks like a tremendously stupid movie, it's acutually quite hilarious.
10. "it's not what you say, it's how you say it". enough said.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

a little introduction to us. <3

We really love each other. <3

We often brighten each other's mood =).

We broke tradition and gave each other promise rings.

We always support each other.

We sometimes do adventurous things, like skiing.

We share countless inside jokes.

We do dangerous things like get henna tattoos.

We adore sunshine.

We have identically colored eyes!

We enjoy acting our shoe sizes.

We love getting all dressed up.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

scarves are amazing.

Latest obsession of mine? Reading craft and style books. They are perhaps the most creative waste of time ever. Okay confession, this is not really a "new" development on my part, I mean I've been reading books like these for a while, but I found some really cool ones just recently! I've read: 1. Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts 2. Dress your Best 3. Invitations and Paper details. and 4 ( and MOST importantly) THE HANDBOOK OF STYLE, a man's guide to looking good. The last one caught your attention, didn't it? It definitely caught mine. The best part? The book is even better than the title itself. Inside reveals how to match clothing, wash laundry and style facial hair. Wow. I'm pretty sure it needs to be mandatory for every man in the world to own this little piece of miracle! Anyways it also mentions my FAVORITE new thing of winter, the amazing scarf. It turns out that men can wear them too! Who knew?! Turns out they are made in grays, blacks, plaids, masculine colors and what not. Scarves are my treasured accessorie. Because of my being enthused over this whole deal, I asked a few people for their opinions. Sadly, most opposed my idea. :(. sigh. It's okay though, because I'm pretty sure there's a large percentile of men wearing scarves, and they will someday cause the entire male population to sprint to macy's and get themselves one. Until then, I'll just keep enjoying my lovely neck warming piece of gorgeous.


itching to read.

My reading list for 2010.. just a smidge late.

1. Redeeming love. x
2. Do Hard Things. (reread)
3. The Five Languages of Love.
4. White chocolate Moments. (reread)
5. Proverbs.
6. crazy love.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


First blog entry of 2010! This is exciting =). Okay, so I made a few new years
resolutions this year, and some of them included writing and blogging. When I
logged in today I realized I hadn't blogged since November. This is a disgrace.
So, to fix this little glitch, I've decided to record the events and happenings
of each month so I never go a month without blogging once. Good plan, right? Well
I guess we will see..,,

January 1-3 seemed to be somewhat boring.. no real action started until the 4th.

okay skip to 4th..

January 4th.
school began, and the weather decided it would pretend like it belonged in the Arctic. :(.
I wasn't very happy because i HATE cold weather with a very strong passion. Anyways moving on to the important stuff. The next bachelor season started!!! This excited me a LOT. Why, you may ask? Because i am a fan of reality t.v. no, not especially of jersey shore, or the real world, (those are a bit TOO real for me!) but shows that are amusing and make me feel like my life, afterall, is not as dramatic and unreal as other peoples =). Anyway so Jake is definitely a good choice for the Bachelor.. he's different than most of the previous guys on the show. I'm a devoted fan.. I've been watching since Trista and Ryan! But yeah, back to Jake. He has my vote. The only problem ( and factor that adds humor to the show) i forsee is his ability to be extremely naieve and genuine. It's good, but sometimes I laugh at how perfect he is. Could Jake every get mad enough to stomp his foot? lol maybe. it makes me laugh though. Also, I was THRILLED when Jillian and Ed came on, because Jillian is like my alltime favorite bachelorette. Of course, I'm not a big fan of Ed's, and to be honest, I'm not sure why in the world she chose him, but I guess we are all entitled to our own opinions.. Moving on.. So basically my favorite choice for Jake would be Ali. She's adorable. She seems genuine and sweet, and she has a cute personality. Most likely she will be voted off next episode, thats what always happens to the ones i like! Prediction: Michelle will account for 80% of the drama this season. Why? She cries over everything. No, i mean EVERYTHING. She cried after she first met him and saw him talking to other women. Really? did you not read the info when you signed up for the show? I'm pretty sure other women will do more than talk with your "future mate" as you call him. Anyhow it will be very intersting =). Analyzing other's lives, it's what i'm good at, just ask me =).

What I learned this week

1. I LOVE men's scarves. All men should wear scarves. period. that's it.
2. I burn candles all too much. I'm pretty sure I lit 3 per day.
3. I HATE cold weather. ( i kinda already knew that, but this week concreted it)
4. I hate cold weather and wind combined.
5. Finding bargains is a wonderful feeling =).
6. How to tie a scarf 3 different ways. ( haley taught me)
7. Lady Macbeth was a lil creepy.
8. I LOVE elf makeup products.
9. I hate winter skin.
10. A grande Starbucks' peppermint mocha will fix just about any problem you have.