Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weekend excitement + Fall trends

I'm dying to try orange lips. That may sound totally crazy, but I think now that my hair is a darker shade of brown, it might actually look pretty good! Maybe not. Who knows. If I had $10 to throw away on a lipstick right now, I'd totally get a tangerine shade.
I've heard some pretty wonderful things about Revlon's Orange Flip, so I'd probably go for that one ( if I were armed with coupons; I'm a very broke, broke college student!). 

I think this shade is perfect. Not too insanely bold, but definitely not red or pink. I like it. a . lot. Unfortunately for me, I found this image on pinterest and I cannot find a description of the color or where it came from :(.

Anyway, I'm veryyy excited for this weekend. I have activities planned on every single day. Friday - Monday! Most of Saturday consists of relaxing :D my favorite thing to do with my sweets. 

My work schedule can only be described as extremely irregular. Between work and school I really have to rely on a planner to record my ever changing deadlines! oye me. I love it though. I'm finally getting to do what I've always wanted- write full time. It's such a miracle. It seems like for years I prayed and dreamed and wrote on my little blog hoping someday to write for bigger, better things. God offered me the most amazing opportunities, and at the most convenient time, too. I feel so very blessed! Have a fabulous weekend and check back in for pictures of our halloween/ weekend adventures :).

Caramel Apples

[granny smith]

[ red delicious]

[holding sticks for the apples]

[ oreo crumbs + sprinkles ]


[ all decorated]

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I'm loving.

I bought these Atkins Endulge peanut butter cups ( sort of a fake Reeces) as an experiment. After spending a few hours working out, I was starving but didn't want to shove sugary calories right back down my throat. These have 0 sugar. The chocolate on the cups tasted real; I was truly fooled! The center (peanut butter) tasted powdery and I didn't really know what to think of it. I ate one peanut butter cup with a cup of hot tea, so the flavors melted together and it tasted a lot better than just eating it plain or with a cold drink. I'd rate this a 6/10 for healthy food. It definitely doesn't compare to the real thing, but it's a lot better than those cardboard tasting health bars.

I just borrowed The G Free Diet from the library yesterday. This is going to be my life manual. I've finally found a book that step-by-step explains gluten intolerance/ Celiac disease, lists food to eat and not to eat, and gives easy, healthy recipes. Most Celiac books are far too in-depth for the average person and are extremely intimidating. This book has encouraged me so much! Being gluten intolerant, it's difficult to explain to people what is going on. Some people even frown in disbelief. It's self-control in the highest degree. It's such a journey to begin, and just looking at the list of ingredients to avoid is like viewing mountainous curves ahead in life. I'm inspired by her journey and I'm going to do my best to learn how to cook better g-free foods, and learn to decipher restaurant menus!

I'm loving this gorgeous eyeshadow color! Eyeshadow is where I totally drop the ball. I am all into lipstick, but I typically stick with a neutral, easy eyeshadow shade. I love the shimmery look of this one. (via) 

I'm loving the Tone it Up videos on youtube. Free exercise videos that work and aren't hard to follow!

I'm loving that in approx. 12 days I will get my iPhone! I've been waiting forever . My contract finally expires the first part of November and I will finally get to upgrade! Now to decide which case to get! I'm torn between: Otterbox, KateSpade, and this random but super cute paisley printed case. The otterbox would protect it, but it's sort of bulky, and the kate spade polka dots are so darling! hmmmm

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

newest venture.

If you've been following my facebook/twitter updates, you know that some pretty intense things have been happing in the career category over here. I find it incredibly humorous that just one month ago I was completely jobless, ( except for working 1 day a week, for 5-6 hors), going broke, and totally ancy from being stuck at home 24/7, with no gas to go anywhere. God decided to change that. all. at. once. I had starting searching for freelance jobs a while back, because I had always known that freelance writing was something I had a passion for. I applied to 12 different jobs. I heard back from 3, then another company contacted me. Not only am I blogging for a wedding website, but I'm beginning my first ebook. God is so good. I'm excited, nervous, stressed, calm and happy all at once. I'm so thankful for the opportunities God has supplied me with! I'm beginning to work on my ebook today, and will be sharing bits and pieces of it (probably) as I work. This ebook will be composed of 100% original content and photos, all by me!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

pumpkin carve.

                      Friday I got to spend the day with my lovely man. We carved our pumpkins and enjoyed the yummy autumn weather :).

so many seeds!

( my adorable fiance´)


[ our initials + SC state flag]

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I'm Loving:

This week I'm really loving:

                        gorgeous wedding band! Can be found on: pinterest 

Kate spade contemporary aisle runner (found via pinterest

Salted caramel and vanilla baked cheesecake (via pinterest)

baked zucchini pizzas! (via pinterest)

yummm! I totally shouldn't be eyeing these food pictures since I'm trying to tighten my abs!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Running, running, and running, running.

Since I've started running with my fiance´ (instead of by myself) I have upped my milage from 2.5 miles a day to 4.0-5.0 miles per day. whew. Every inch of my legs are sore, yet I keep trying to squeeze another run in. Do I love running? No. I love the first 3 minutes, then I start to get bored (even with iPod in), and my mind starts to wander to my aching legs and how the air inside of my lungs keeps emptying faster than I can replace it. Running at the park is far easier and more motivating than running in the gym, on a treadmill, with a 78 year old man on the right slowly taking steps on his treadmill. When I run at the gym, I really have to push myself. I stare at a huge television screen that keeps running ads and the temperature, because looking at people on television either sitting still or not running too, makes me jealous and seems like the miles drag out more slowly ( maybe I'm just crazy). I don't like flipping through magazines either, because the words jump around the page, and I find myself flip-flip-flip-flip, without even realizing what I'm trying to read. If you haven't already guessed, I'm pretty impatient with my song list as well. There are only about 2 songs on my iPod that I will listen to all the way through without pressing the skip button. (Total opposite from my fiance´, who has 4 songs to last him through a 5 mile run! How does he do it?).On to the meat of this post. . . I only have a couple of pairs of running shorts, so I've been browsing around to see what cute pairs I could find:

Love these cute Stella Mccartney running shorts in snakeskin!

this top looks so comfy!!

Also love this running inspiration:

Nail art.

Pinterest is loaded with all kinds of nail art:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rainy Days.

I was just sitting out on the porch enjoying the gorgeous temperature, when I looked up to see a flood pouring down. Today has been my "get stuff done" day, mainly because I have about a dozen things to do between now and Monday, and ladies and gents, the weekend is looking quite full already. While I'm trying to stay productive and get my nice long checklist finished, the internet bug keeps biting me. I keep seeing cute bridesmaid gifts appear on my screen, as well as christmas gifts ( for me and others), and my brain keeps wandering off.. hmmmmmm..... ah yes, our lovely engagement photos have arrived, so I need to be a busy bee and get to assembling those pretty soon. My new glasses should be arriving any day now, and I'm totally excited and nervous at the same time. I'm nervous because the style is so different than anything I've ever worn before, and I'm afraid they may resemble old man frames :/ we will see. I feel just like a little kid waiting for Christmas when I shop online. I keep checking the front door and mailbox to see if my package has arrived yet! So dorky, i know. I should probably write a sequel to Shopaholic since I pretty much sound like I'm quoting her now ( sigh). 
Have a fabulous (almost!) weekend and I'll be shooting and posting some of the gorgeous fall scenes I'm seeing lately around the lake :).

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I'm loving.

I'm loving that my hair is slowly but surely growing out reaaallyy long. It comes just past my shoulders when I wear it down :). I'm having all kinds of wedding hair daydreams- what I want my hair to look exactly like. Right now it's just about this color:

and I'm hoping to dye it to reach this color:
loooovee the up-do as well!!

I'm loving these DIY ideas I found:
( silver spray painted coffee beans. To be be filler inside of a pretty glass vase or bowl)

( I really adore this prayer board idea. totally going to make one for our home ;)

( scrapbooking paper used in place of photos. I will probably be using this since I'm totally weird about pictures. I love family photos, but paintings and random pictures about things I don't care about just seem awkward to frame in the house, no?)
I'm excited that my last day at work is Saturday **yayyyy**** totally excited and already booked most of my future Saturdays doing fun and memorable things with the ones I love.

Happy mid-week!!! 

(all photos via pinterest)