Friday, September 2, 2011

weekly obsessions:

gelato. I've been working steadily through my pint of chocolate this week. The texture is so much smoother and creamier than regular ice cream. And the big chocolate chunks aren't too bad either.

I ordered 3 gluten free cookbooks this week, and I am dying to start testing them out. This one came in the mail today; I've already started paging through it. 

I really buckled down on my fitness routine this week. Started out with an hour long zumba class, then went to yoga the following day, then ran a good three miles yesterday. I can tell a huge change in my appetite, body, and eating patterns already. I feel so much better! I think it's key to push yourself to workout, even when you don't feel like it. I always feel better after a workout than before.

Pinterest has given me so many tasty ideas to try. This nutella bread is at the top of my list!!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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