Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Playing Catch-up

this weekend was crazy . As in it's Wednesday and I'm still trying to recover. No, not from drinking ( I don't drink), but just from loss of sleep. Friday night was my bff's big birthday dinner:

it was loads of fun, and we ate entirely too much food. This geeky picture is courtesy of i cannot wear contacts for two full weeks because my eye is scratched. . or something of that nature. 

Saturday was filled with weddingness that was both wonderful and tiring, leaving me in a trance staring at the wall, because I'd just seen, heard and tasted a little too much for my senses in the previous 4 hours. This wedding was the first double wedding I'd ever been to, and it was quite the experience! Everything was so unique and thought-provoking, perhaps that's why I slipped into my little half awake coma for the rest of the afternoon. 

Sunday I got to attend our future church :). I'm so thrilled that the hubby-to-be and I have already selected our new home church. I really can't wait to get involved with classes and ministries as B and I start our little life together!

Rehearsal Dress
The fact that our wedding is only 6 months away has me doing a little freak out, happy, stressed kind of dance. I'm a huge planner, but extremely indecisive. Not joking. I can plan it all, no probs, but ask me to make an on-the-spot decision, and I'm stunned. Choosing the bathroom colors took like forever.  I'm still trying to nail down dress styles and colors for my maids, actually, still trying to choose the maids :/. I'm horrible, I know. At least I have chosen the wedding venue and reception venue, have a caterer, florist, wedding planner, and makeup/ hair artist in mind. Dress and shoes have been purchased:). Rehearsal dress has not, hence the photo pictured above. I absolutely adore this dress, unfortunately I don't have a couple thousand to throw into my rehearsal dress, a true shame, I know. I would like to find something similar to this dress. 

Reception Dress
I haven't fully gathered my opinions on the whole reception dress deal. Obviously, it's a major trend right now, and most brides are slipping into a (much) shorter, more comfortable dress for the reception/ departure. I'm all cool with this, but I don't think I will be able to bid my wedding dress farewell after just a few hours in it. I only get to wear it once, and I don't see myself wanting to slip out of it just to wear something different. My wedding dress is very comfortable and stretchy, and my shoes are fairly flat, so I think I'm pretty much prepared for the long-haul of wedding activities. But, if I did have to choose a dress. . . I would choose either of these:

Add about 2 more inches to this dress and I would consider wearing it to my reception. I love lace sleeves, and the shorter style. I'm just not sure I could wear it at the reception. I always feel awkward in the spotlight when I'm wearing a short skirt. I constantly brush the back of the skirt to ensure that I'm not accidentally exposing myself, which makes for an incredibly clumsy, ungraceful looking me, as I'm constantly sweeping my hand across the back of my dress. (tmi?)

I also really love this dress. Incase you haven't already realized, I'm big into the lace. I like that these lace sleeves existent, but far shorter than the long sleeved dress I pictured earlier. I would really like to try this dress on and just see how magical it feels on.


  1. I love love love that last dress- so pretty!!

  2. That rehearsal dress is amazing and the last dress is so romantic.