Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have always hated change!
It's terrifying. It can get you out of your comfort zone, cause you to lose sleep, distract you from everyday activities, and make you rethink your life goals. . but change is good. it's a fresh start, a chance to try again, an opportunity to do it better, to live life fuller, to take risks for worth while causes. God uses change so much in life. It's often easy to blame the devil for it because it's not fun to do things differently, and sometimes it's easy to get irritated at circumstances. Patience is hard! I think patience could be one of the hardest hurdles for me. Already so, so many life altering things have happened to people in my life this year, and it is a shock. We aren't used to change, we aren't used to difficulty, we aren't used to love ones being in pain. We're used to a simple life, where when someone catches the flu we feel sympathy for them. We don't know the true definition of sympathy, obviously. Waiting for God's timing, or someone elses takes true trust, true love, and true dedication. It's difficult to set aside all your worries and say, whatever happens in the end, i'll be fine with. That takes really hard work. But God expects it. Why? Because He knows we are capable of it. He knows that if we submit to Him, and decide to follow whatever He tells us to do that we will succeed, we won't fail, and we won't be miserable. But He also knows what a stretch it will be. He knows how selfish we are, how greedy, and how comfortable we are in the little hole we dug for ourselves. But he's willing to help us get out of that hole, and live for Him! Change is good, God is better. And He will prove Himself. forever.

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