Tuesday, March 2, 2010

love. [redefined]

Sometimes God gives you an incredible love, an incredible person,
a fantastic fairytale. And then sometimes, He let's someone destory
that love, and demolish that fairytale . Sometimes he let's your heart
break, your soul ache, and your faith shake. Sometimes you're pushed
to the edge, dangling over, gripping nails to gain composure. Sometimes
the end doesn't seem in sight. The hurdles seem unconquerable, and
undefeatable. The decisions between what you want and what you need
... The boundaries are so undefined ! No dictionary, no professor, no
theologian can tell you the right choice. It simply cannot be decided.
It can't be decided alone.. Without the help of a Greater. See, God is
the one who can guide those decisions. He can bring peace. He can
bring happiness and love far greater than any man is capable of.
He known exactly what His children need, what they're lacking, and why
they're crying! Sometimes he does allow others to break hearts and
shake faith, just as a wake up call . He always, always, always has
a plan. Though it's hard to see,He knows what He is doing and His
agenda is far more intense and rewarding than anything you could
ever imagine. Love isn't just a giddy feeling, a pat on the back, or
a friendly embrace. Love is strong. Love is tough. Love is doing something
you don't feel like doing, anyway because you love that person.
Love is trustworthy, it doesn't judge others , love carries a peace.
Love is sacred, love is by example, God. Comparing anything to God
's love just shows how off mark the world is. Love is patience. Love
is often more draining and sometimes more frusterating that hatred
can be. Love isn't always fun, it isn't always enjoyed. True love
is real, though . It has the power to heal. It has the power to witness
it has the power to transform a life. It has the

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