Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Farewell Kirkels!

I found this episode EXTREMELY boring. i kinda wish they would have skipped the hometown dates and went on to Tahiti...

1. Frank
I dislike frank now =(. Frank started out as my favorite but now he just kind of sickens me. His date was I think the most boring of all. He's like, I like you. I don't know if I can let myself like you. I want to like you but I'm scared. blah . blah. nothing much to say but that Ali is head over heels and he's not. eh.

2. CHRIS L!!!
Chris L was the good part of this episode. It was so cute the way his family and Ali interacted. Chris is my absolute favorite for Ali and I hope she picks him!!!

3. Kirk.
Kirk is gone =(. At the rose ceremony when Ali said that " your families are all great and had nothing to do with my decision" . I find that REALLY hard to believe considering Kirk's family was quite possibly the oddest family ever. Ali was appalled by his father's gross taxidermy work, and he goes home on the next ceremony. Coincidence? I think not.

4. Roberto
Roberto, magical prince charming. zzzzzz.zzzzzzzzz. I'm sorry. Roberto seems like a sweetheart and he probably is. He's just too perfect lol.
So who's it going to be?
I say Chris L. or Roberto. Chris L!!

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