Monday, July 19, 2010

Frank is a varmint, Chris is a jewel.

oh. my . gosh. Frank is such a varmint! Let's just say I spent the majority of this episode glaring at the television and begging Frank to just shut up. Although I think he's extremely inconsiderate, I think he did the right thing by filling Ali in before the proposal. My, that would have been the mess of the year. From the moment Frank starting spilling about his "pivotal moment" in his life, I knew that we were in for a bad surprise. icck. Poor Ali! I also think it's quite a coincidence that Nicole just welcomes Frank right back into her house, like here's some cookies and milk, darling! I've missed you so much! So what that you've been making out with another girl on foreign soil for three weeks? I still love you! Come home! hahah. Entertaining? Yes. Reality? I don't think so. I did get quite a laugh though.

CHRIS! ahhhhh! Chris just keeps getting better and better. Ali seems to be liking Chris more each episode, so now I'm hoping she will choose him in the finale. Chris would be the best bet. I mean i guess Roberto would be too, but he just doesn't seem as confident about his love for Ali like Chris does...

Roberto, or "bigbutt" as i nicknamed him accurately, had great appearances on the show and seemed to be "dazzled" by Ali every step of the way. My only concerns are that Roberto has a hard time opening up and hasn't told her that he loves her yet. Chris slips the L-word in this one. SCORE for Chris. Sorry Roberto, Strikeee 1.

So next week is the "reunion"! I must say that I am insanely excited to be hearing from Kasey again, oh how I've missed his humor! Justin is probably going to make me cringe and throw things at the t.v. and seeing Kip will make me feel sad. But it's bound to be an amazing show. Can't wait! =)
my prediction?
Chris L. all the way! <3

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