Thursday, June 9, 2011

the one.

I realize that I haven't blogged in over a week now! Our staycation was wonderfully relaxing and I will post more about that later. I jumped right into a 50 + hour work week and am halfway through with it! Obviously, work and driving hasn't left much time for keeping up with the blog. On our staycation I didn't use internet  checked my email only once and used my time off to read and enjoy B's company. During those three uninterrupted days together, we bonded so, so much! I mean, hello, we already are crazy about each other or else we wouldn't be getting married, but that time was so special. Being rested and unstressed and together  for a few days really helped us to appreciate our time together and enjoy one another's company. He treated me so nicely. He took me shopping and to the pool for afternoon swims. At night we went to the movies and ate tons of calorie loaded candies. And I even let him squeeze in a little Call of Duty gaming time during the day :). It's all about compromise, people. By Monday we had nice suntans and full schedules. Now that I'm back in full swing, going about my daily routine, I keep thinking about the future. I am  the luckiest girl on the planet. Like, really. This man is the one for me. I'm not just copying those dumb love songs either. He is so special, so different than any other guy in the world. The most amazing part- He tells me that he feels crazy about me too. and his actions prove it true. 

One year from today, June 9th 2012, I will marry my true love, my best friend, my soul-mate. I have been so immensely blessed. I can't even begin to count the wonderful things about my lovely fiance. thank you, Lord for such a special person.

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