Sunday, July 24, 2011

Highs and Lows of life.

My mind is in so many directions right now! First, I have lost misplaced my camera. My nice camera. My Canon camera. :( I am in utter despair. I'm praying that I can find it somewhere! While I search the house, car, and girls' house - it must turn up somewhere. it has to.  Moving on. . . . .
Last Saturday, my Mother and I went shopping, and I found the one. I found it. My wedding dress!!! After making several trips to the dress shop and trying on so many different designs, I knew this one was it. It fits me perfectly (no alterations needed), and feels so comfortable and right! I felt like a princess wearing it. I'm so thrilled to wear it on my wedding day! It was on sale for a great price, and I had a coupon as well! I was giddy walking out. Plus, I got my beautiful veil and a flower hairpiece. I am beyond ecstatic.

I worked a little bit of reading into my schedule this week. Read about 5 hours during downtime at work yesterday and a few during the week while the girls were swimming, etc. I love to read. It's so relaxing to me. 

This week, my mind is focused on : preparing for the fall semester of teaching the youthies, preparing to take online courses from my new school, Liberty ( which I am totally in love with)! , keeping the girls busy with summertime activities, and trying to keep somewhat of a consistent diet/ exercise plan!

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