Friday, July 1, 2011

Week re-cap / What I'm loving.

I'm loving that my Mommy is safe and sound! She was in a horrible car accident yesterday and the Lord really protected her! Her back in aching, but she is in far greater condition than she could have been.

I'm loving that this weekend is July 4th! Though I am working the majority of it, I am so PROUD to be an American!
I'm really loving that I'm getting to sqeeze in a movie date tonight! I was worried about my Mom staying alone, but she is promising not to go anywhere and just sit and watch television all evening :). My fiance made plans for us to go on a mega- date ( like 3-4 couples!) to eat downtown and see the latest Transformers movie. I'm so excited!
Raspberries. I have been eating these things like nobody's business. My top cravings this week: 1) Salty. I'm typically a sweets kind of girl, but this week I have been going for the salty. I found out that Baked chips are gluten free ( actually, most potato chips are gluten free because they are made from Corn instead of barley, wheat or rye) , and it's caused me to think about them all the time. 2) Fruity. Chocolate hasn't really been on the top of the list this week. A couple of times I did have that emergency I neeeeed some  chocolate right now feeling.

I'm loving that I'm taking the girls to see Monte Carlo next week :). They're die-hard Selena Gomez fans & I think it looks like a super cute flick.

Have a safe, fun 4th weekend!!


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