Monday, August 29, 2011

Make-up bag cleanout.

I cleaned out all my makeup this weekend. It's amazing to see how quickly a makeup bag's contents change, just over the course of a few months! 

I love bright lipsticks for summertime. I wear them rarely because brights aren't very common around here and most folks will stare at you like you are wearing a drag queen costume or something.

Obviously I have a thing for lip color. Right now my top favorites are: CO Bigelow's Blueberry Rose Salve- this stuff is so wonderful. It's an old fashioned salve, so it can be used on cuticles, chapped skin, cheeks, and lips! It leaves the perfect amount of light pink coloring, and gives off the yummiest blueberry scent! Revlon's lip glosses have come a long way. I purchased their newest coral color ( in attempt to replace my almost empty bottle of Estee Lauder's Praline, which I used endlessly until it emptied) and was really impressed! It's super glossy and gives a beautiful peachy glow without being too overtaking. The rest of my lip collection is used whenever I feel like something new and different.

For summertime, I try to coat my face as little as possible with thick products. I start out with a little Mary Kay mattifying gel, to ward off any oils on my face, next I use some sunscreen, then I pat on some concealer over any trouble areas, and finish up with some loose, sheer powder. If I'm wanting a little extra redness coverage, I'll reach for my Clinique foundation and blend a little of that in. 

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