Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pre-vacation bliss.

I always enjoy the weeks leading up to vacation just as much if not more than the actual vacation. I feel energized thinking about all the time I will have to be lazy and  carefree. That stack of books that has piled up, unread, my colorful Summer wardrobe that I haven't worn past one quick dinner on a Friday night. .. every part of me is ready for a little vacay. I'm a scheduling fanatic, so I'm immensely looking forward to not having a time schedule for 5,  4, I mean 3 days. Since my fiance and I have such harsh schedules, we're actually using one of our vacation days to knock out four appointments! Part of my thinks that is very resourceful and awesome, the other part thinks it's totally lame and extreme. Whatever; it is what it is :). 
I've already started my pre-vacation preparation. No, the overflowing hamper in my floor hasn't been tossed into the washer yet, but I've mentally begun packing ;). I picked up a hot Essie color today. This will be my vacation shade:
The name is Enuf is Enuf. The color is so bright and feisty. Perfect for tanned, summered skin. 
I also added extensively to my office collection yesterday. I bought a retro pink stapler, tiny scissors, a way overpriced ink cartridge (sighs), and three more pens ( even though I literally have a hundred or so). 

Vacation time either means: a) I will have more time to work on the internet,  catch up on some websites and blogging, or b) I decide to lock the computer away for 5 days and disappear into oblivion until next Wednesday. ( P.S. I'm shooting for the first one).

Have a splendid Saturday!

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