Tuesday, August 30, 2011

new and improved lifestyle ( well, sort of).

Last Friday I finished up my day job with these sweetie pies:

I miss them so much already, but it was time to seek other things like college. My class started last Sunday and I've been logging multiple hours with my books. I'm also in the process of job-searching for a part time position half-way nearby my house. 

Since I went from a 60 hour work week, to a 20 hour work week, to a 7 hour work week, my body is slightly confused. It doesn't know when to sleep or when to be awake. And it definitely forgot what exercise felt like. I went to an hour long cardio class last night and literally thought my body was going to collapse. today, I can waddle across the room, every muscle in my body reminding me of its presence. Yikes. Coincidentally yoga is tonight, so hopefully that will relieve my aching muscles a little bit. 

Since I've had a whole (almost) 48 hours of not working, I've ventured to order 3 gluten free cookbooks, research jobs for about 10/48 hours, and log about 5 hours of television time. I'm not a huge television fan, so it's primarily what I do when the computer screen and book pages both burn my eyes.

I've started organizing my church class and oh my, I am excited! I found a curriculum that really suits the age group and personality of the class. I can't wait to see how they like it. I've been preparing decorations and trying to figure out the room setup:). I'll be sure to photographically document every bit of it. 

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