Saturday, August 7, 2010

Current top 10 things I LOVE about my sweetie.

1. He always listens to me when I'm upset.. he let's me go through my little cycle: vent, (sometimes cry or scream, every now and then a combo of both), worry, vent some more, sigh, and move on.
2. He has this goofiness that just melts all my problems away. I can be in the middle of an emotional tornado and he just says something completely off the wall, completely random and useless, and it makes me smile and forget whatever is going on.
3. He can read my feelings 89% of the time, and the other 11% of the time I can't exactly determine what my feelings are either. He knows if I say "I'm fine," I'm not fine. He's learned my voice tones and what all my reactions mean =).
4. He has this lively hope for our future, which makes me just ecstatic ! I cannot wait to spend this rest of my life with this guy!
5. He makes time for me. Whenever. I could call him at 5 a.m. and he'd answer the phone just as readily as he would at 7 p.m.
I really love that.
6. I think its hilariously funny how excited I get when I receive a facebook post or text message from him. CHEESY i know, but hey that's kinda cool if it's been happening for over a year and I still get that excited, right? =D
7. He understands my love for bags.. and shoes, and clothes. Yet he still loves me! KEEPER
8. He constantly encourages me to pursue my dreams and whatever I want to do.. even with I feel like I've failed horribly, he always turns the situation around and helps me see that everything will be just fine.
9. He puts me over his guy friends... which is way importante.
10. He makes every moment of my life happy ( or at least 90% of them) .
I love you so, so much dear!

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