Thursday, August 19, 2010

Top Five Rules of a College Student

Since I've been a college student for approximately 4 days now, I am an experienced source to listen to. I have already developed the Top Five Rules of a College Student. Take notes, you will be tested over this material eventually.

Rule 1: Be cautious of advice. Safe money! Buy books online! BUT what if those books don't arrive for seven months? What if you fail the first 10 papers because you are missing something that is in those books. Think this one over. thoroughly.
Rule 2: Scope out your classes . What about your teacher's body language? Is he trying to scare the sense of out of you? or maybe he's simple trying to keep himself awake as well? This rule takes time, so don't rush it. Oh, and don't let the teacher catch you glaring at him... that may invite some bad attention as well.
Rule 3: Get along with people. As weird as little Sally may seem, she takes exquisite notes and the teacher absolutely adores her. Sally just might have the answer to that bonus question you've been looking for.
Rule 4: Be early. very, very, early. yes, college kids want to sleep, but coming in 15 minutes late to class because you couldn't get parking is a lame way to rack up the tardies.
Rule 5: Be skeptical. you can figure out what that means for yourself.

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