Saturday, August 21, 2010


This year instead of traveling afar for vacation, we decided to stay a little closer to home. Actually, we did stay home. We tested out the new "stay-cation" idea and quite liked it! Instead of being running busily from activity to activity, being at home kind of gave us more relaxing time, and saved a great deal of cash.. Our stay-cation consisted of: going to 2 amazing zoos,( which was thrilling for me, because I hadn't been to a zoo since I was 5!) , seeing the amusing film Despicable Me (twice. we were into doing things twice this round, not sure why), Driving up to ... (I'm not exactly sure where, but we played a lot of Uno and road games along the way), Eating at delish Red Lobster for lunch, where I discovered that each yummy, garlic-ey buttery biscuit is only 400 calories! ( =(. ) , Eating at festive Don Pablos (so i could get my fave enchilada! ) , and going to my boyfriend's lovely church, of course =).
I included some lovely documentation of our "trip" ;)

at the zoo =).

My sweet pea and this darling giraffe!!

It was such a cutie!

chilling out at the park..

goofing off, of course.

we took a loong journey up to NC, so we brought along some tunes =).

The Staycation idea turned out to be a blast! =) Definitely an option to consider if you are; broke, want a very slow, relaxing vacation, hate traveling, or just want to enjoy being home without working!!
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