Sunday, August 22, 2010


For a few weeks over the Summer I was religiously filling out any surveys I could get my hands on. Most of the surveys ended up kerplunking :/ and being wastes of my time. I managed to pull through with one prize! I saw an advertisement for a free photograph mousepad from ArtsCow. Of course, I was really skeptical and didn't think I could actually receive the mousepad. I uploaded the picture I wanted to have printed on the mousepad, and choose an adorable heart shape! I hit submit and forgot about the mousepad for several weeks. All of a sudden, right before school began, I received my mousepad!!!! I was ecstatic. Not just because I got this lovely mousepad for free, but I paid no shipping costs and it looks absolutely beautiful! The picture quality is great and the mousepad itself is nice as well =). Yes, I do realize I am getting crazy excited over a mousepad, even going to the extremes of writing a whole blog post about it, but it's fantastic! and free!

Isn't it simply wonderful?!


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