Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm a Cheese Freak.

I'm all the time running in the grocery store to grab a quick dinner on the go. Since I am gluten free, on-the-go meals are pretty hard to come by, so I typically just grab a salad and one full sized item to stick in the fridge. Last week, I was sorting through the fridge and literally laughed out loud at how much cheese I had accumulated throughout the week. At least 4 different varieties for one person! Here is all the gossip on my absolute favorite cheeses so far!

Havarti. I love the texture and taste of this cheese! It's semi soft and full of flavor without being too stinky. It's excellent with crackers (nut-thins) or even tossed in with some sauteed veggies.

Brie. Of course, I adore my brie! It has such a nice, melty texture that tastes so good with really dry, crisp foods like toasted breads or crackers. Brie is very difficult to eat alone; it tastes a little slimy by itself. I really like it best with grapes and crackers.

Provolone. I think Provolone is absolutely exquisite. It's one of those cheeses that can be incorporated easily into other dishes because it's taste is very subtle and yummy. It's not very stinky at all, and I love throwing it in just about everything I cook. Over asparagus, in with my salads, over my meat, by itself; the possibilities are almost endless.

Mozzerela. I really love how rich this cheese is. It is so perfect when melted. Melt it with some tomatoes and put it over fresh pasta and you have a delicious dish. Mozzerela is also insanely good as a pizza layer or casserole topper. 

Gouda. I am very new to Gouda cheese. I'd been slightly afraid of buying a whole package, since I wasn't sure what it tasted like, but I took a chance and bought some. I am in love with it. It's so good! It has a slightly harder texture, so it's pretty sturdy for tossing in salads and medleys. The taste is definitely there, but not too overbearing. Absolutely worth giving it a try.

So far, I've only met a few cheeses I don't especially like. Feta is too dry and chalky for me. I don't really like Bleu Cheese either... a little too much of a punch for me. 

that's all for now. I'll keep exploring the cheese world :)

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