Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Workaholic for a week.

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. I unexpectedly worked a full work week beginning at 5 a.m. each day. It was loads of fun, & a fantastic new experience! Obviously, though it left no time to update the bloggy. After working all day Mother's Day and finishing up my workaholic week, I am back to the blog! 

I learned quite a few things from my workaholic experience:

1) I do not run well off 6 or less hours of sleep. I already knew this minor fact, but last week totally confirmed it. I get so grouchy and annoyed easily. My fix was going to bed at about 9:30 each night! That sounds nuts, but one night I literally went to sleep at 9:00. Such a drastic change from my typical 12:00 / 1:00 a.m. bedtime habits. 
2) Pairing along with number 1, I'm not the nicest significant other when I'm working constantly. Last week was NUTS between mine and my fiance's schedule. Not even kidding. Between his work & final schedule and my work schedule, there were about 30 minutes in the whole day to talk! Seeing how we live 1 hour from each other also makes things more challenging. But, we made it through. Both of us sleep deprived, stressed to the max and missing each other. I'm such a whiner when it comes to not seeing my man. I miss him so much when I don't get to see him often! 
3) Work is good, work is real good. I really loved that once I actually forced myself to   got on a schedule, I really felt better each morning. It was easier to get up as the days passed. You see, I was born a night owl. I do not thrive in the morning time. So 5 a.m. took some warming up to, but I finally did :). I was so happy that since my schedule was so busy, it left absolutely no time for doing what I do best- spending the dough. I was so tired after work I just headed home to get ready for bed! I didn't even grocery shop that week! ( Okay, I guess that last part isn't really something to brag about). I liked that at the end of the day I felt like I'd accomplished a bunch of things. 
4) I am a complete flop at establishing a work out schedule. I am so unmotivated when i get tired. I always end up either cutting my workout short, or not having one at all when I'm tired. The time factor really comes into play a lot, but a 30 minute run is totally worth it, if I can get myself to the gym.
5) If you are a workaholic, you can't expect any breaks. ( as in breaks in life). Because my schedule was so different than normal, I did kinda expect my family to ease up a little. they did not; I was surprised. But, then I realized: wow. what if my every single week was like this? How would I have time in the day to get everything done? How would I have time to cook and clean and organize and plan? I'm not sure. But I would have to. I would get it done. Let me say, honey, I pushed through. My weekend was smack packed full also:

I stopped by my sister, Meredith's swim meet on Saturday. She, of course, did amazingly well, placing 1st in almost every category. Here she is with her boyfriend, Jamie.
After the meet, I went to our annual family reunion. Someone made a cake for my grandma and great aunt- ages 88 and 90!!! I have some long-living genes in my family :).

The rest of Saturday consisted of working, as did Sunday. Sorry no Mother's Day pictures :/. 

My hair IS darker now; I love it! Sorry I haven't posted a picture yet, I've been too busy. I will try to get around to take one :).


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