Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Favorite Apps.

My sweet fiancé  bought me an iPod touch about 1 year ago for our anniversary. I immediately became such a fan! He recommended several apps, and I explored the Free Daily App tab regularly. Here is a small compilation of my current favorite apps:

Living Social:  I love that I can access the daily deals easily through the app format, rather than having to scroll through the normal website. the updates also pop up and alert me of each day's deal!

Awesome Note: A great organizational tool. Created just like a normal paper binder, you can organize all your data into folder and categorize them by color and icon. You also have the choice of making Quick Memos that appear when you open the app.

Pandora: Always a fave of mine. When I get tired of listening to the music from my itunes library, I can change it up with some randoms from Pandora. Totally free and a nice variation!

Fooducate:If you are watching your diet or are just curious as to what is really in that bag of chips.. get Fooducate! You can search for the products you are curious about or simple type in the barcode. How simple is that?

Mapquest: I simply could not live without Mapquest. I am horrible with directions; Mapquest is a lifesaver for me! Again, I love that I can access it so quickly in the app format, rather than the time consuming regular format.

Peel:I have direcTV, so searching several hundred channels for one show can be tiring! I love Peel because it makes finding my favorite shows sooo much easier. I simply input the time of the show and browse. Definitely worth checking out if you have satellite television service!

Instagram:I love Instagram because it transforms my pictures to look vintage. With about 10 different color options I can take a normal looking picture and make it look vintage and cool!

Evite: I think Evite is the coolest thing ever. Such an inexpensive, modern way to send invitations! Of course, I'm a huge fan of the app.

Gas Buddy: During these times of sky rocketing $5.00 for a gallon of gas- of course I love Gas Buddy! It's easy and a necessity for all vehicle drivers. Especially those of us with longer commutes.

Sodoku:this game really helps me to relax, yet still challenges my mind. I love the app version because there is no erasing and scratching through numbers!

Words with Friends: If you are a Scrabble fan, take ear. Words with Friends is like one huge ongoing Scrabble game! Though the rules vary slightly from Scrabble, Words with Friends is a lot of fun. Unfortunately, my friends don't use this app, so i typically end up playing with strangers. Only complaint- WWF allows gamers to stay "in the game" for up to 4 days or more!!! Meaning, you can be waiting for the other person to move for quite some time. eh.

Bible:I love to read my Bible, and having this handy little app allows me to have my Bible with me EVERYWHERE I go. How cool is that?!

Wedding Apps:

The Knot Look Book: This app is amazing for all the new brides. It gives a look book of wedding dresses and helps brides form ideas! I was very pleased with the content and variety of dresses. Plus, they have nifty search options that let you search only certain priced dresses, and certain styles.

iWedding Deluxe: I probably would not have bought this app had my fiance not told me do; I am glad I did! This is the master of all wedding apps. It allows you to juggle all of your wedding data, party, reminders, and anything else you might need. It was a steep $10, which is more than I've ever spent before on an app, but it has definitely been put to good use. It helps me to multi task and stay on top of all things wedding.

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