Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Friday Favorites!

My favorite collage site: My Ephemeral Bliss. ( guess who's the author? ;)

I was once browsing through library books and found a book about secret love notes. In the book, it featured lots of private little notes that lovers shared. So secretive and exciting!
Try this site for some heart-wrenching true, shocking love stories sent in by real lovers. They range from letters from desperately in love teenagers to one who says, "my wife has a boyfriend". how disheartening. These letters will make you either grateful or jealous of someone else's fiery love.

I'm super excited that the lovely Rachel Mcadams is starring in Morning Glory. I love her!

I bought a pink peacoat today, and it looks something like this:

Also, I'm sort of becoming obsessed with lacy items.

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