Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Makeup TIp

Today's makeup tip: sparkly holiday party eyes.

So maybe if you aren't daring enough to wear a full sequin gown or platform heels, you can try out some shimmering eyeshadow and mascara.. A little more subtle way to show your glamorous side for the holiday parties.

Nars makes a super easy sparkle eye-pencil. This makes lining your eyes super quick and easy-- with great results!

Bobbi Brown makes an amazing shimmery eyeshadow that can be layered and played around with. This is a great way to experiment with sparkle, without diving right into eyeliner.

Sparkly eyeliner is a really neat way to emphasize your eyes. People will notice your eyes more often- and you'll look super festive. I'd like to try it in a dark purple or dark brown!

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