Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Makeup Tip

Today's makeup tip: Lipstain.

If you haven't already tried it- you should.
Lipstain is so different than any other lip product you've ever used. It will apply matte and dry, but thin. You probably won't feel it, or it will just make your lips feel dry. After applying , add a coat of lip balm, vaseline, or gloss to finish and moisturize the lips.
A few things to keep in mind:
* Move the tube at a consistent pace, if the stain dries you will have to reapply over the first layer. It is best to cover the lips in a couple sweeps- the color looks more natural.
* Choose a shade that you love. With lipsticks and glosses, it's pretty easy to alter the true shade of the color by lessening with balm or powder- stain does not work the same. Once the stain is on, it's on. It will come off with makeup removing wipes- but if you don't have any with you; you're stuck with the color.
* Stain is perfect for weddings or even just day-to- day. You can be confident that it will stay on despite what you eat, drink or wipe your mouth with. It's reassuring to wear to a party and not have to constantly check the mirror to see if your lipstick is running. Lipstain will not run.
Some lipstains that I love:
- Covergirl
- Mark.

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