Sunday, November 28, 2010

Incase you didn't know. . .

Incase you didn't know . . .

I'm an introvert.

I kind of have this obsession with Taylor Swift. My dream is to see her perform live one day!

I can be a perfectionist, punctual, yet sometimes pretty unorganized and clueless. I'm pretty well known for being naive and "innocent".

I'm a big fan of Glee and the Bachelor, and very much enjoy creative shows like Ace of Cakes.

I'm 5'4", but I love wearing heels, so they put me about 5'8". . ( I rarely get to wear them though ;)

I could literally shop for months without tiring of it.

I'm a mac-person; I'll never return to a PC!

I'm dating the sweetest guy I know. He also happens to be the hottest and nicest guy I know- what a coincidence.

I teach youth group and love it. I want to work with kids for ever. Excuse me, teenagers, not kids . . ;).

I'm super interested in other bloggers' blogging ideas and posts.

I'm a college student in pursuit of a degree in English and a easy lifestyle.

I adore sharing my love with others- God has blessed me tremendously and I love to show others the joy I have.

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