Thursday, February 24, 2011

eating healthy.

Yesterday I decided to go sugar-free ( or mostly sugar-free at least). In spite of my always feeling "bleh", slowly rising weight, quickly escalating snack bill, and always appearing blemishes, I've decided that going sugar-free will help me in more ways than one. I've seriously been considering going gluten-free, since I think I might have a touch of celiac disease, but since I'm not for certain about it, I think I'll experiment by cutting the sugar from my diet. Note: I'm not going to freak out if something has a little sugar in it, but excess sugars in candies, cereals and beverages need to be cut.

I went to the store yesterday and bought three boxes of tea. Tea is a great alternative to whatever unhealthy beverage you are addicted to. Hot teas are my favorites, and I occasionally like unsweetened iced tea and unsweetened lemonade. Here are the yummy ones I found for about $1.00 each:

Black tea is exceptionally healthy! I love the fact that this one contains caffeine, yet it's 100% natural. Great alternative to coffee.

I used to really be hooked on Arizona's iced sweet teas. They have flavors like peach- yum. The hot tea bags are awesome because they double as hot tea and cold tea( just add a cup of ice). Most hot teas taste horrible as cold teas.

I heart the Celestial Seasonings teas. They are so fruity and refreshing!

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