Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wall Stickers

Aside from framless paintings, I think wall stickers are just amazing. I'm a sucker for any art with words on it- so creating a sticker to say whatever I like is a dream come true! I really want to try some sweet love sayings in our home, and some Bible verses as well.
Isn't this pretty?
I'm also really intrigued by the larger wall stickers ( actual pictures and designs!) :

I really love this idea! Attaching a hook to the wall so it looks like an actual coat-hanger. And the cute little shoes on the closet door.

This one is probably the sticker that I would buy. It would be gorgeous in a tiny, quiet reading room.
I doubt I would ever actually buy this one, but I think he's pretty charming in this room!

This one is so brilliant for an office space. I doubt I would like it if it weren't black and white- but I think it's just nifty like this.

Have you ever done wall stickers? The only downside I can think of is that re-arranging would be pretty difficult, since the stickers are strategically placed and probably not reusable. I think I'd still like to try a few someday!

Happy Saturday! Today's weather is in the seventies and I'm going to surprise my sweetheart at his ping-pong championship game! My weekend is super busy consisting of teaching a devotional, running around to show off my ring, and planning for the upcoming week.

I hope your weekend is warm and sunny!!


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  1. where do u buy those wall decals? i want it so bad