Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday!

My family throws a huge Super Bowl party every year. I typically spend the evening playing board games, wii games and chit-chatting around the television. Last night was no different! Bart accompanied me in Just Dance for 3 or 4 dances; we were so worn out!
Bart arrived before the big crowd and helped us set up. He arranged the crackers while I sliced the salami. We had a great time just being around family and joking.
He was such a doll. He even put my shoes on for me!
What a sweetheart!

Next, my sisters and the boyfriends headed down to the lake for some pictures:

Afterwards we took a few more pictures:

Hope your Super Bowl Sunday was just as enjoyable! ( Do notice that there are absolutely no pictures of the game- lols).

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