Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Faves:

I know I've really gotten out of Friday Favorite mode recently; my fridays seem so busy! nevertheless, here is the Friday fave post:

Fave bicycle: Schwinn. I keep day dreaming about coasting through breezy streets sometime soon! I am really hoping to start biking regularly when we get married.

Fave Snack: These banana babies are so yum! My fiance's mom shared one with me and they are ah-maz-ing. Fruit dipped in chocolate is always a fave for me.

Speaking of fruit, I love me some raspberries! Raspberries and Blackberries are my favorite fruits, but raspberries have definitely won out recently. I bought a carton a couple of nights ago; they are already gone!

My fave wedding invites are the very simple ones. I love modern designs in very simple taste. I found these two so charming!

I'm thinking of and praying for the losses in Japan. Such a sad time. I am thankful that God has a plan, and that I can fully trust in Him!!

Have a wonderful weekend, I'm looking forward to watching some basketball tonight with my doll and catching some rays in this beautiful weather!!


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