Monday, March 28, 2011

Gluten Free diet.

After coming down with a major stomach ache last night, I decided to finally try going Gluten Free. I've been battling foods for years now, but I have never wanted to put the time and energy into preparing, planning, and shopping for gluten free foods. No more quick fast food stops or on-the-go foods without mapping out the plan first. I know this will be very hard, especially since I will be in college, living in the dorms next Fall. I'm going to do my best to stick to the diet and see if I feel any better. My body has been suffering for too long, and I'm finally going to give up my favorites: bread, candy and breaded chicken.

Luckily, gluten-free is becoming a popular trend, so much information is available online. I found one helpful site that helped me plan my shopping list:
* Vegetables
* Uncooked Meats
* Fruits
* Chick Peas
* Juice
* Eggs
* Plain Yogurt
* Cheese ( any but Blue)
I'm going to start with this tiny list and mix around a little bit.

For lunch today, I had 2 hard boiled eggs. They are my new favorite! I love the consistency, and they even double as snacks if they come out un-crumbly. This fantastic site helped me make them perfectly. I didn't watch the video, but I did time my egg for promptly what the site suggested.
I also had mixed fruit and water for lunch. I needed something to give me a small burst of energy. I still feel so icky! :/.

I'm looking forward to trying some Gluten free recipes I find and sharing them on here. Sometime soon I really want to experiment with Juice Pops. Making popsicles out of fresh fruit juice! yum. A neat way to eat a frozen treat without all that excess sugar.

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