Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday.

This Wednesday, I'm totally loving:

I purchased a similar looking top today at Ross. It's a short-sleeved version, and absolutely has me in the mood for Summer time!

I painted my nails with the Sally Hansen Sun Kissed orange yesterday. It's so bright and cheerful! The shade pictured is slightly more metallic, but mine is very glossy and bright hued.

I'm so thrilled that my sweet pea will celebrate his 20th birthday on Sunday!! :).

I was so happy to be missed by my sweet little angels I babysit. They told me how much they missed me yesterday ( when I was out sick), and how excited they were that I was back. I love them so much!

Last, I'm loving that I serve such a powerful, yet forgiving God. I listened to a talk radio show today and the pastor was talking about how naturally inclined we are to clam up to God when we sin against Him... We try to hide ourselves and do a few good deeds before approaching Him again. That's totally a wrong method. God wants us to genuinely confess and move on from our sins. I'm thankful that God always forgives me instantly, even before I ask. What an amazing Creator!

Hope you are having a fabulous mid-week!!

Can't wait to document this weekend's festivities and share them :).


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