Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What I'm loving .

This springy week I am loving:

that i get to doggy-sit this precious little guy! (Sorry the picture is microscopic; I couldn't get it to resize!)

I'm loving that I finally caved and bought a legitimate waxing kit. I'm a little nervous about the pain factor. eh.

I'm loving that my Yankee Candle order arrived today. I bought a small package to support my sister's Senior Class, and in return I received this yummy candle!

I'm loving that since I've been religiously applying my Jergen's natural glow- I'm actually developing a natural glow! I don't really want to risk my health by bathing in the sun ( like I have time for that anyway), and this is a great, cheap alternative!

oh. my. word. I tried Starbuck's Cake Pops today. they are to die for. I tried the Tiramisu. oh. i cannot brag enough.

I'm so thrilled that this spring weather has appeared so quickly! 80 plus degrees today. Yikeseys! I was actually hot in a short-sleeved top and shorts.

Hope you are having an energetic mid-week!!!


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