Monday, November 28, 2011

Braided Wedding Hair.

There is something incredibly classy, yet totally laid back about braided hair. The braid’s extremely simple and understated  structure offers an entirely different effect than the pouf or up-do. The simplicity of the design is essentially what gives the braid its wow factor. A braid in itself looks elegant and pulled together, making it a perfect hairstyle for weddings and formal events. With small flowers, jewels, or even fabrics weaved into the braid; the end result is a gorgeous, flawless look.

Braids are fabulous styles for a whole list of reasons, but especially because they are so versatile. Braids have this fantastic trait that makes them totally unique and custom to the wearer. Small braids, large braids, single braids, multiple braids; the list truly goes on for a while. Braids can be styled into up-dos, worn singly, and twisted into pretty buns. The opportunities with braids are plentiful, and since braids can easily be taken down and reassembled, there is no worry or stress in getting it just perfect the first time.

Braids are appropriate for any style of wedding, but some styles of braids seem more fitting for specific venues or seasons. Naturally, braids are worn more often in the spring and summer seasons, but they can be worn in the fall and winter seasons as well. If your venue were at an outdoor location, a single, long braid with flowers would look beautiful. Your florist may select small, dainty flowers to be woven into your hair. If you prefer fabric rather than flowers, you could weave in a ribbon that matches your wedding colors, or just finish of the braid with a ribbon twisted into a bow, around the end of your hair.

If your venue is located in an indoor, fancier place, look at different braid up-dos. Several small braids can be wrapped into a bun or secured with a hair clip to create an easy, very pretty wedding hairstyle. Also, one large braid can be wrapped around to create a bun or up-do, creating a very sleek, impressive style. If you are drawn to shimmery, sparkly items (even for your hair) try experimenting with glittered bobby pins or make your own decorative pins with sparkly nail color, bobby pins, and loose pearls (slip pearl on until it lands between the two metal pieces).
Whether you prefer the single braid or multiple braid up-dos, you simply cannot go wrong with a braid. You could also use braids for your bridesmaids’ hair and flower girl’s hair. Little girls look especially sweet with braided hair!
Would you wear a braid to your wedding?

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