Sunday, November 6, 2011


     This weekend has been surprisingly productive, afterall. We spent about four hours yesterday scouting out kitchen gear in Bed, Bath and Beyond. All of those kitchen gadgets really put me in the mood to cook more! We chose a ton of practical and indulgent gifts :). I'm so excited; everything feels so much more real now that I can envision our future home together.

This weekend was extremely lucky! My mom won a Covergirl Sweepstakes, and now has 2 tickets to the upcoming Taylor Swift concert! It's always been a huge dream for me to go to her show, and now I have the chance! It's literally a miracle that she won; I'm counting down the days until the concert! I know almost every lyric to every Taylor Swift song, so obviously the concert will not go unappreciated :D. Bummer that the morning following the concert is my first FIVE K run! I'm going to be a little droopy and tired, but I'm sure I'll make it through :).

This week is going to be slightly crazy. My English 102 class is now going full-force with lots of deadlines quickly approaching. I need to start Christmas shopping sometime in the near future. I've got a birthday girl to go visit, a wedding shower to attend on Saturday and the norm, church on Wednesday. This week is going to be packed!

Tomorrow I will finally get my beloved iPhone. I decided to go with the Otterbox case, because I had heard so many great things about it. I got the hot pink impact gel case :). My sweet fiance´ got it as my birthday gift :).

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