Tuesday, November 15, 2011

bright lips- how to

       Bright lips are the newest trend this season. From runway shows to department store makeup counters, bold shades are on display everywhere. Wearing a bright lipstick can be somewhat intimidating, especially if you’ve never tried a bold lip before! Not to fear, in a few steps you can sift through that lengthy rainbow of colors and find your ideal, bright shade of lipstick!
Bright lipsticks can be found at almost any drugstore, department store makeup counter, and obviously, beauty retailer. Like any beauty product, bright hued lipsticks can be found in a very wide range of prices. The first step is determining how bold you would like to go. Ask yourself if you will be wearing the lipstick alone, or mixing it to create a softer, subtler look. If you aren’t sure what you want, you can always buy a brighter shade and slightly tone it down for everyday use. For example, here are some similar shades but in different brands and prices.
Covergirl Lip Perfect Lipstick in “hot” can be found for about $6.00 in drug stores. “Hot” is a rich red/pink shade that is very highly pigmented and has lots of staying power. For a really decent price and broad selection of colors, this lipstick is a perfect brand to experiment with.
Clinique High Impact Lipstick in “Peach Pop” can be found in Belk stores and online at the Clinique website. The “Peach Pop” shade has an orange/pink tone. This lipstick is also highly pigmented and is advertised to hydrate and protect lips with SPF 15, a nice little bonus to have in your lipstick. This color lasts 8 hours.
Nars Semi Matte Lipstick in “Funny Face” can be found in store or at the Nars website. The “Funny Face” shade is very rich and pigmented. The color appears to be a red/pink with slight blue undertones. This longwearing lipstick promises to nourish your lips and protect them during use.
Once you’ve determined how bold you want to go, begin to think about your skin tone.
For women with fair skin, usually the most flattering shades are orange -based pinks and reds.
For women with olive skin, typically blue- based red lipsticks will complement this complexion.
For women with dark skin, plum shades make the skin glow!
Keep in mind that any woman, no matter what shade her skin, can easily wear a bright pink lipstick. Pink and red combinations are extremely versatile, and flattering on every type of skin! If you’re unsure of the color you have selected, and the store offers lipstick samples, feel free to try the sample on your hand to test the color. Many women make the mistake of sampling the color on their lips, which is extremely germy and dangerous! Also, testing the color on the back of your hand isn’t very helpful since your lips aren’t the color of your hand. Instead, try testing the color on your fingertips.
Women often get intimidated about wearing bright lips because they’re unsure of how to incorporate the look into their everyday makeup looks. The process is really quite simple. Choose one feature to highlight: eyes, lips, or cheeks. If you chose to highlight your lips, (like with a bold lip color), you would simply tone down the rest of your makeup. Wear natural looking eye shadow, very small touch of blush, and a quick swipe of mascara. The key is focusing on one key feature at a time; highlighting more than one at once can seem over-the-top and distracting!
Once you’ve applied your bright lipstick, you can still make changes to it if desired. If you would like the lipstick to be less severe, blot some of the color off onto a napkin, (be sure to make sure it won’t leave any fuzz behind on your lips!) and apply a little lip balm over the color. The lipstick shade will soften up greatly, and you will be left with a subtle glow of your original shade. If you want to add a little polish to your bright color, you can apply a smidge of lip -gloss in the center of your bottom lip, then rub your lips together to smooth out the gloss.
The Matte finish is very trendy right now, but a very different feel altogether. If you want a matte (non-glossy) finish, look for lipsticks labeled “matte”. Matte lipsticks are an entirely different world of lipsticks! Mattes are much harder to remove, but last a very long time. Matte lipsticks aren’t made to be mixed with glosses and balms, but instead to be worn alone.
Part of the fun of trying out new trends is playing around to see which ones work for you. Whenever experimenting with lip color, always remember to just have fun with it!
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