Friday, December 3, 2010

Creative Holiday Gift Guide!

Well my dears, here is the shopping guide at last!
I did my best to find the most creative, nifty gifts out there- and at reasonable prices.
I hope you enjoy!

First up, for that co-worker of yours that's incredibly green, or for the sister-in-law that has tiny children running about her office space:

The Staple-less Stapler! This insanely cool gadget uses stitching to bind the papers together, rather than metal. Genius!

Second, sweet couples mugs. Wouldn't these be the most fun to sip coffee out of every morning?

Next, this super masculine men's Coach Business Card Holder:

Stylish, yet completely manly.

Also, this Diva Ice Scoop. Perfect for kitchen of a fashionista:

I can see any princess going nuts for this.

Check out this next set for a sweet lady in your life. Perhaps your mother, grandmother, aunt, or maybe just a close friend. Bath & Body Works has come out with this Shea Cashmere Set. What could you better indulge her with than Cashmere and a bubble bath?

Bonus: The Shea in the lotions will soften her skin as she soaks!

Now for the kiddies. I found these beyond cute erasers months ago, and I love giving them to kids and adults! These smart erasers are shaped like food, toys or any object, yet they work like regular pencil erasers. Total works of art.

For that teenage niece, glamorous aunt, or any girly-girl:
Sequined Converse!

Finally , two gifts that can be gifted for anyone:

Personalized Photo Stamps I think these would be fabulous on Wedding Announcements, Baby Announcements, Birthday Invites, or even personal Thank Yous.

Last, a snuggly gift anyone would enjoy:

These luscious towels are made of bamboo fiber and are guaranteed to leave you feeling extra snuggly :).

Happy *early* Christmas!

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