Monday, December 20, 2010

A must read!

I recently started reading: A Woman After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George.
This book has opened my eyes greatly in such a short amount of time. I began reading it a few days ago, but wasn't really feeling well enough to get much done. Last night I sat down and got through about thirty pages. This book is life changing. I highly recommend this book for any woman to read- at any age. This is not the type of book that you want to finish in a week though. To really grasp the information you need to sit down, alone, by yourself and really put your life in perspective as you read the book ( in order to really gain from it, I think). Here are some useful tidbits that I jotted down from the book; they are so easy to understand and so right on!

"If He doesn't meet it, you don't need it." This one is is so useful for women who love to shop! If God doesn't give us the sufficient funds for that new pair of heels.... we probably don't need them as much as we think we do!

"Make no decision without prayer." This one is useful for both genders, but sometimes easy to forget out. We often get so caught up in the moment that we forget to ask the man in charge what we should do. By stopping for a minute or two and asking for help we allow God to direct out thoughts and actions, and keep ourselves from making irrational, dumb decisions.

"God will take you as far as you want to go, as fast as you want to go." This one really got me. It's so true. God is more than willing to go the distance for us- but are we for Him? He doesn't put any restrictions on us.. we put them on ourselves! We decide how much we want to read the Bible, pray, worship Him. We are in total control of what happens in our relationship with God. If we choose to refuse Him, why are we shocked when we aren't growing spiritually? This quote is so blunt and true to me.

Here are a few more pointers I picked:

- Desire to have a heart devoted to God.
- Desire to have a heart abiding in God's Word ( devotions draw us near).
- Desire a committed heart to prayer. ( blessings: deeper relationship, greater purity, contentment, God confidence, confidence in making decisions, and improved relationships).

God wants to give us so much... if we devote our lives to Him and seek to make Him happy- we in return will we happy as well! Totally guaranteed . When you feel the peace of the Lord with you, when you know that you are obeying Him, you will want nothing else. He truly is all we need!!

God has created us to be " gifts" or blessings to those around us. This Christmas, try to be that gift to the people close to you.

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