Sunday, December 5, 2010

Eventful Weekend

I kicked off this amazing weekend with some yummy foods at Trio. Nothing screams Happy Birthday quite like a bowl of baked linguini and meatballs! After gorging myself with pasta, cheese bread and cream cheese icing, we headed across the street for some pictures with the giant Christmas tree. Unfortunately, I was super freezing so I didn't manage to snap any pictures..
I did, however, catch Haley opening her lovely gifts:

The Birthday Girl glowing.

Admiring the matching sister scarves!

Haley enjoying her new Coach purse.

Friday night, I unexpectedly booked it back to Greenville to surprise my sweetie at work =). He was directing traffic and I totally caught him off guard.
We were here looking at beautiful lights. It was really cold- but totally worth it.
Saturday I went to see my little sister swim at her swim meet.
She did exceptionally well- mostly first places!

This week I'm looking forward to eating all my favorite foods ( in preparation for my upcoming surgery), and studying hard for exams.
Have a delightful week!

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