Thursday, December 16, 2010

Midnight Post

I think this is the first time I've ever posted this late! My surgery went well and I'm about to take some more medication before I try to snooze for a little bit. Since I'm pretty much glued to the couch/bed/chair I've been browsing stores online all night ( not to mention religiously checking my email and facebook ) searching for some good deals for a wedding outfit. So far, I've found some super cute dresses and skirts, but I'm going try for the best deal I can find =). I'm a prime member on Amazon because I'm a student- so that's really handy. I've also jump started my personal/ professional blog today.. I will share details soon!

Here are some of the crazy cute skirts and dresses I'm debating on buying for the holidays:

I am in love with this cute bow skirt! It would be so cute with a black top ( I tend to be a minimalist) or maybe even a kinda crazy shimmery top..

These bold sequins are a little risque for me, but this would be really fun to wear.

This skirt has my name all over it. The design is subtle, yet pretty. I'm really contemplating this one!! Love, love , love, it <3.

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