Sunday, April 17, 2011

How often to wash each clothing item.

I recently came across an article in Real Simple magazine that was extremely useful. It goes through each item of clothing and gives you an estimate of how many times you should wear it before washing ( extend the life of your clothes!).

Pajamas: swap out your p.j.s twice as often as you change your sheets. Unless you shower at night. If you shower nightly before bed then you can wait a tad longer.

Skirts: refresh non-silk fabrics with a 10 minute spin in the dryer with a dryer sheet. A-line skirts are pretty lenient, but white skirts should be cleaned every wear.

swimsuits: after every wash since the chlorine is so damaging to the fabric. Let air dry.

tops/ dresses: after 1-3 wears. Too much deodorant can also stain the fabric. Whites and silks need cleaning after every wear.

tees/ tanks/ camis: after every wear because they are worn so closely to your skin.

Hope this handy little guide was helpful!



  1. cute suit!

  2. isn't it? It's J.Crew. Of course :)