Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday:

This Wednesday I'm loving :
I finally found some yummy gluten-free bread at Whole Foods market. It's so delicious!
Chick-fil-a's Chargrilled Fruit Salad is amazing! I usually bring my own gluten-free vinaigrette dressing and leave off the granola chunks.
I'm loving that I'm going to finally start tanning tomorrow! I'm planning to lay out in the sunshine for a loooong time and enjoy this beautiful weather!!
I'm loving that in less than one month my fiance and I will celebrate TWO years of being together!!! I'm ecstatic!!

I'm loving that Tara from Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes is doing a giveaway! Head on over and register!

I'm loving that I've finally gotten back into the swing of running!! Sunday I took a quick after-noon run, and today I took an early morning jog! So, so proud of myself! I have a little more motivation with the wedding and honey-moon on the calendar.. but at a year away that still leaves me some room for slacking ;).

Hope you are having a fabulous mid-week!!


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