Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Hair-do

Reading everyone's easter posts is making me so sad that I had to work on Easter again :/. I keep reminding myself that this is the last one ( I hope!).

I've been contemplating darkening my hair for quite some time now. I actually dyed it 2-3 years ago and it came out black. Let me assure you: it was horrible. Then I went blonde. Now I'm natural again. Bart loves dark hair and so do I, so I thought I'd surprise him by going a shade or two darker. I've scheduled to have my hair done tomorrow bright and early! I'm praying it turns out alright. . . .I'll be sure to post a picture or two of my new 'do.

Meanwhile, while my anticipation shoots through the roof, I'll give you a little tour of my hair through the years :
                                       I have convinced myself that I was born with bangs. Not really, but ever since I can remember I've always had bangs! From age 5- 15 I kept that mop in front of my forehead. Luckily, at age 16 I finally got gutsy and grew my hair out. I felt like a whole new person!

Summer 2007: hair finally grown out, dyed with a little Sun-in. My children will never even comprehend what Sun-in is if it's left up to me. ugh. 

                                    By 2008 I had let it get a little bit longer, but kept it my natural color.
                                   By 2009 prom my hair was really long! I curled it for the prom and miraculously it turned out pretty well!! My hair was extremely thick at this point, so I had about 1 gallon of hair spray holding it all down!

                                   Winter 2010 I did something really dumb. I went to  a new stylist and asked her to shorter my hair. She did in fact shorter it. My hair was so short that it almost could have been buzzed in the back! yikes ;/. ( it was tooooo horrible to post a picture of that again). The picture above is from Summer 2010. My hair had grown out a little and wasn't so boyish.

Finally, this is what my hair looks like now. Past the shoulders, light brown natural color. I'm hoping for just a couple of shades darker than my natural color... we will see how it turns out! Wish me luck!


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