Sunday, April 24, 2011

Product Review: Spring Nail color:

I mentioned earlier that I was trying out some Spring shades and that I would share the results with you guys.

I bought Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet because I've seen the color all over as being a really big hit this Spring ( and it was a nice 50% off). Honestly, I think the key issue for me was the name of the polish. Is that strange? Well, my fiance is constantly renaming the colors in my wardrobe. Such as: smurf blue, grandma pink and toothpaste green. The first thoughts to my mind when I glanced at my finger nails were eeek. toothpaste greeen. I wore the polish for 2-3 days (trying to let the natural reaction wear off), but I just couldn't stand it! Perhaps I will feel differently with it on my toes?! The application was easy enough, but only because of my beloved new topcoat by Finger Paints ( no, they didn't pay me to say that). Sally is naturally a little glooby, so I typically start with a base when using her polish. Overall, I'd say if you are looking for a mint, toothpaste green polish- this is your color. If not, keep looking.

Another shade I bought this week: Black Star by Revlon. I must admit that I was about to totally ban Revlon from my polish collection. After the Gel Hardener and Glossy top coat both being failures, I had almost given up hope. Turns out, Revlon can actually produce a color polish worth buying. I took yet another risk and bought the Top Speed ( has a reputation with me about drying out far too quickly). Surprisingly, I was very satisfied with the results! The color went on very smoothly, and the color was nice and even. The color was already pretty glossy, but I added a nice shiny top coat just for perks. I love this shade because it is a black, but it is not the blackest black you've ever seen. At least not until you put a top coat on. I like that it's sorta gray in the light- not too goth as my fiance would say. I know it's not really a Spring color- but I really love that it's a nice deviation from my rainbow of pinks that I've been wearing.

Next up: I'm dying to try Shatter by Katy Perry (OPI). It's such a cool design! I've been searching the stores, but it's strangely hard to find and super limited ( at least where I live!). I've heard that Ulta carries it, so I may try to sneak over there and grab it this week :).

have a nice Monday!


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