Thursday, April 7, 2011

Living the g-free life.

It's been about a week now since I last posted about my switching to a Gluten Free diet. It has been a strenuous change. I never realized how much I bread I eat within a given day until I changed my diet. Honey, I eat some bread. The absolute hardest part was the time factor. Before I changed my diet, I'd like to think I was an healthy fast-fooder. I did pick up every now and again, but I always ordered water and tried to skip the fries. Plus, I typically hate fried food (except for Zaxbys), so I usually get the healthier, chargrilled option. Once I changed my diet to Gluten free it was goodbye drive thrus! Very few restaurants even carry gluten free foods, and the ones that do usually have salads ( pretty much diminishes the on-the-go bonus). My big change literally forced me to start cooking. I think the Lord knew that He had to do something drastic in my life to get me cooking. I kept putting it off just because I'm not a cook. at. all. Being pretty much thrown into the kitchen, I had to create my own meals. 1) My mom didn't know what all was gluten free, and 2) Buying things that are gluten free ( not naturally) are super expensive! I ran up the biggest grocery bill. By this week ( week number two) I've started adjusting. I carry healthy nut snacks with me for downtime between meals, and I have each and every meal planned out. After going 1 whole week without any cakes or breads.... I noticed that I hadn't had a sick feeling at all! No more typical evening tummy aches, or just feeling "off" throughout the day. I felt great!! Even though this new lifestyle is much harder to maintain, it's also much healthier, and leaves me feeling much better. Since I'm not totally gluten-intolerant, I eat some small kind of gluten every 3 days, which not only helps my body, but also lets me take care of that craving I've been having for cake or pasta or a sandwich :). I'm so thankful for all the resources I've found online and all the wonderful people who have shared ideas with me. I have a few top websites I check frequently, and I'll post them here soon if you'd like to see.

Here's a small list of the things I've been eating the past two weeks:

* Salads- I've eaten soooo many salads! Good thing I like salads anyway. Chick-Fil-A Chargrilled is one of my favorites. Theirs is a really good meal salad because it is so large. Wendy's- their salads are very flavorful and you can get them with a baked potato for a little taste variation.
* Sweet Potato- They are naturally so healthy and delicious! I don't indulge a whole bunch in these because they take a long time (1 hour) to cook.. and I'm typically on the run.
* Hummus- I have eaten a LOT of hummus! I bought NutThin crackers and a couple other Japanese Rice crackers to eat with. Hummus is very healthy and definitely strikes a new taste than other foods.
* Yogurt- I now begin each morning with 1 boiled egg and a cup of yogurt. I found a variety of favors at publix, and I've really been pleased with how they taste.
* Cheese- Since cheese has always been one of my food-loves, and I can still eat it, I've been eating a lot of cheese! I haven't been over-doing it, but I've incorporated it into my salads a lot.
* Asparagus, Cucumber, and Tomato- I've made a lot of little stir frys with veggies to add a little flavor and warm foods to my diet.

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