Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lucky Duck Day.

Today, I feel like somewhat of a lucky duck. I came home to find that I was selected to host a Hawaiian Tropic Shimmering Skin Soiree. I filled out an application a few weeks ago and was accepted! Now I'm looking forward to a fabulous girl's night full of freebies and chit-chat.

I was also excited to see that I was offered a Groupon ad. Let me say that I would not advertise for Groupon unless I totally supported it. I refuse a lot of offers if I think they are phony or just unhelpful to readers. I am a huge fan of Groupon. I've purchased a groupon for an ice-cream bar, dancing class, pedicure/ eye brow wax, and almost purchased several more salon visits ( I must limit my spending with Groupon or I'll buy every one!). Each one of these has been a fuss-free, enjoyable, DISCOUNTED visit. I'd recommend Groupon to anyone, anyday! I'm so very proud to have Groupon listed on my blog. Please, check out their daily specials in your city! Opt in for email alerts and stay connected to the best deals on services you will buy later anyway.

Have an energetic rest of the week!


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