Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weekend Activities & thoughts

I literally just looked at my calendar in shock. It's Friday again? already?!? This week flew by for me. The next few weeks are pretty mapped out, so I'm sure they will fly by as well. What are your plans for the weekend? My Friday will consist of: celebrating my fiance and my SECOND year anniversary(!), watching the Royal Wedding, indulging my fiance's mother with her mother's day gift :), and just plain relaxing. Of course, Saturday will have some working in it ( but it's fun to try to leave that part off).

                                              isn't Kate the cutest?!?! She's going to look amaze on her wedding day!

                                  I'm so excited to celebrate tomorrow!! Next week B's schedule is wack so we're spending some time together this week. I have the sweetest man on earth! eeeeee! I can't wait 'til we're married away!!!

                                   I'm so thrilled that my summer vacation is on it's way! I've already started planning out all I want to do: priority 1) RELAX! Funny thing is that I will most likely do another Staycation this year, just like last year. Traveling is fun, but expensive. It is bad that I never give up work long enough to take a vacay? Dont worry, the day will come someday that I will. Just not now.

Hope you have a lovely weekend,



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