Monday, October 17, 2011

Running, running, and running, running.

Since I've started running with my fiance´ (instead of by myself) I have upped my milage from 2.5 miles a day to 4.0-5.0 miles per day. whew. Every inch of my legs are sore, yet I keep trying to squeeze another run in. Do I love running? No. I love the first 3 minutes, then I start to get bored (even with iPod in), and my mind starts to wander to my aching legs and how the air inside of my lungs keeps emptying faster than I can replace it. Running at the park is far easier and more motivating than running in the gym, on a treadmill, with a 78 year old man on the right slowly taking steps on his treadmill. When I run at the gym, I really have to push myself. I stare at a huge television screen that keeps running ads and the temperature, because looking at people on television either sitting still or not running too, makes me jealous and seems like the miles drag out more slowly ( maybe I'm just crazy). I don't like flipping through magazines either, because the words jump around the page, and I find myself flip-flip-flip-flip, without even realizing what I'm trying to read. If you haven't already guessed, I'm pretty impatient with my song list as well. There are only about 2 songs on my iPod that I will listen to all the way through without pressing the skip button. (Total opposite from my fiance´, who has 4 songs to last him through a 5 mile run! How does he do it?).On to the meat of this post. . . I only have a couple of pairs of running shorts, so I've been browsing around to see what cute pairs I could find:

Love these cute Stella Mccartney running shorts in snakeskin!

this top looks so comfy!!

Also love this running inspiration:

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