Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rainy Days.

I was just sitting out on the porch enjoying the gorgeous temperature, when I looked up to see a flood pouring down. Today has been my "get stuff done" day, mainly because I have about a dozen things to do between now and Monday, and ladies and gents, the weekend is looking quite full already. While I'm trying to stay productive and get my nice long checklist finished, the internet bug keeps biting me. I keep seeing cute bridesmaid gifts appear on my screen, as well as christmas gifts ( for me and others), and my brain keeps wandering off.. hmmmmmm..... ah yes, our lovely engagement photos have arrived, so I need to be a busy bee and get to assembling those pretty soon. My new glasses should be arriving any day now, and I'm totally excited and nervous at the same time. I'm nervous because the style is so different than anything I've ever worn before, and I'm afraid they may resemble old man frames :/ we will see. I feel just like a little kid waiting for Christmas when I shop online. I keep checking the front door and mailbox to see if my package has arrived yet! So dorky, i know. I should probably write a sequel to Shopaholic since I pretty much sound like I'm quoting her now ( sigh). 
Have a fabulous (almost!) weekend and I'll be shooting and posting some of the gorgeous fall scenes I'm seeing lately around the lake :).

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