Tuesday, October 25, 2011

newest venture.

If you've been following my facebook/twitter updates, you know that some pretty intense things have been happing in the career category over here. I find it incredibly humorous that just one month ago I was completely jobless, ( except for working 1 day a week, for 5-6 hors), going broke, and totally ancy from being stuck at home 24/7, with no gas to go anywhere. God decided to change that. all. at. once. I had starting searching for freelance jobs a while back, because I had always known that freelance writing was something I had a passion for. I applied to 12 different jobs. I heard back from 3, then another company contacted me. Not only am I blogging for a wedding website, but I'm beginning my first ebook. God is so good. I'm excited, nervous, stressed, calm and happy all at once. I'm so thankful for the opportunities God has supplied me with! I'm beginning to work on my ebook today, and will be sharing bits and pieces of it (probably) as I work. This ebook will be composed of 100% original content and photos, all by me!

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