Thursday, October 6, 2011

Creepy- but cool.

This morning was just like any other. Pour a bowl of cereal, plop down in front of the Today show and try to wake up. I was sitting at my computer, getting rather flustered because my coupons would not print, and trying to drown out the sound of Obama's special report in the background, I looked up to see a bird outside of my window. Not just a bird. A big bird. A heron! I quick grabbed my camera super speedy like - then realized it didn't have a camera card, ran over to my organizer, found the camera card and rushed back. Surprisingly he was still standing there. He had no clue I was stalking him. I zoomed in and frantically shot about 37 shots! He posed a few times for me, then spread his wings and flew off faster than I could focus my camera. I think I got the tail end of him, but nothing like the spread wings I was hoping for. Herons are so intriguing to me, and yet they kinda creep me out! I was perfectly happy shooting away from behind my glass doors.

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